How to Baby Proof Your Home

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How to Baby Proof Your Home

Do you have a growing infant or a curious little one running around the house? If your answer is yes, the tips below can help you baby proof your house. Not only is it safer to baby proof your house, but it will make your time at home more enjoyable. Taking away the stress of a toddler opening every drawer or cabinet, breaking dishes, or touching harmful products is definitely worth taking the time to baby proof. 

l Use safety plugs in unused electrical outlets. l Repair damaged electrical cords. Run cords behind heavy furniture. l Invest in good, sturdy doorway gates.

l Install latches on all drawers, cupboards, closets and cabinets. l Buffer sharp furniture corners and edges. l Store knick-knacks away for awhile or display on high shelves. l Use knob covers for the stove, barriers that keep hands off the hot surfaces, oven and refrigerator latches. l Dispose of plastic grocery sacks and produce wrap immediately. l Keep important phone numbers tacked to the refrigerator. l Store all medicines above the floor in a latched cabinet. Ditto household cleaners. l Use nonskid tub mats or appliques to prevent slipping. l Use tub faucet covers.

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